Saturday Snicker: The Goldilocks Effect and the Bed That Was Just Right!

Rugby has three different beds to choose from in the house.  Typically, he’s my little shadow, so he always chooses a bed in whatever room I happen to be in.

He has a “Man Cave” in my office….which is a bed that’s really too small for him.  But he loves that little bed, so I don’t have the heart to get rid of it.  It also works nicely in my small office, so there’s an extra reason to keep it.


002 (3)


He has a big pillow type bed in our living room, and he’s not as fond of this one, although he does use it…especially if I stay up too late and he happens to be getting really tired and ready for bed.




And then there’s his bedtime bed.  It’s nice and roomy, but it sits in the corner of our bedroom, right next to my side of the bed.  He has a couple of big stuffed animals that he can snuggle with, and he often brings a piggie or two as well…although that’s never a great idea, because he rolls over on them and grunts them all night long!


003 (6)


On this particular day, I was cleaning in my office, so I had taken his small bed out of my office and put it in the bedroom while I cleaned.  Since it was a bigger re-organizing project, I didn’t get everything finished the first day, so I left his little bed in our bedroom.  Guess where Rugby decided to spend the night?  In the small bed…..that’s really two sizes too small…and it made me smile….





  1. says

    I love his initial letters on the wall, and the cozy little corner space he has there in your bedroom!
    Dogs don't always realize their size, do they? One of our golden retrievers used to curl himself into the dog beds that were beagle size!

    • Sally says

      Thanks, Jan! A dear friend painted and decorated Rugby's initials, and they were so very cute, I just had to decorate with them. It seemed more fitting to put them in Rugby's "room" which is a cozy corner of our bedroom. It just makes me smile to have a special spot that he knows is all his! <3


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