Sunday Snuggles: Floofs All Around

This Sunday snuggle is a sweet photo of Rugby napping in his favorite spot:  glued to me!  He loves to press right next to me and turn sunny side up which just happens to be a great position to get a random belly rub!  He’s quite an opportunist, I won’t lie!

When he sprawls, he’s just a huge mess of fur and floof!  And many times, he has his little front paws folded down into a position I call his “Praying Mantis Paws.”  I just love that!  He’s such a fluffy little guy, sometimes I have to look pretty hard to find his face in all of the fur!!

I especially love the fact that he often sleeps with his mouth open, showing off his teeth!  This photo is from 2013, when he still had all of his front teeth on the top and bottom!

Be sure to snuggle with your favorite fur pal this Sunday!  Sundays really are made for naps…..and snuggles!  All the best…from Rugby James.





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