Saturday Snicker: A Whole Second Dog!

I live in a small home which has decent storage, but let’s face it….I’m honestly not sure that anyone ever thinks that they have adequate storage in their house!  So…I need to be creative sometimes in solving storage issues!  I have under the bed storage containers that really help with some of the odds and ends I find that need a storage home.

Until recently, I had bare hardwood floors in our master bedroom.  I had been looking for a large rug that I liked, and low and behold….the right one came along at the right time for the right price….free!!

So…you can well imagine what a circus it was trying to lay a rug under a queen sized bed that’s already in place!!  Rugby was quite a snoopervisor, let me tell you!  He was always under foot…standing exactly where he didn’t need to be!  Bless his heart, he was so interested in this new huge object that was making its way into his corner, and he had to sniff every square inch of it to be sure!

But to start with, I had to move all of the storage containers that I had under the bed.  And…I had to run the dust mop under the bed….which is not something that I do on a regular basis, I’ll admit.  In and of itself, that wasn’t a big deal at all, but oh doggies!!  What I discovered under the bed tucked in between the storage containers was a whole new dog made out of Rugby fur!!

And that’s today’s snicker for your Saturday!!



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