Sunday Snuggles….Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day…..a day devoted to romance and love.  *sigh*

When I was a kid, we made special Valentine boxes at school, and we’d have a big Valentine’s party, and you would give all of your classmates a Valentine for their box.  I remember going shopping with my parents to choose a special packet of Valentines, and that was so much fun!!  I had to find ones that I really liked, and that took time!  My poor parents had to endure my indecisive staring at one packet after another…while I thought about the attributes of one after another, and chose the very best one!

But that wasn’t the half of it!  Once I was home with my treasured packet of Valentines, I had to specifically choose which one to give to which classmate, and that was sometimes an agonizing decision, because I wanted my very best friends to get my very favorite Valentines! Some lucky kids would give classmates a sucker or the little powdered sugar conversation hearts! I don’t remember giving those things, but I do remember getting some and thinking I was the luckiest kid ever!!  At the end of the day, after the party, I got to bring my little box and Valentines home, where I would look through them for hours and hours all over again!

Such a joyful, simple thing that left such wonderful childhood memories for me.  But then I grew up….and forgot about Valentine’s boxes and parties and the simplicity of loving friends with Valentines….because adults don’t behave like that!  It’s kid stuff, right?

Well, one of Rugby’s Facebook fur-friends hosted a Valentine Box decorating contest, and we entered a little polka dottie piggie that we made out of a milk jug covered with some tissue paper that had little red hearts on it.  I used partial rolls of toilet paper tubes for legs, and had some dots that I could stick on for the polka dots of Rugby’s beloved polka dottie piggies!

Suddenly, I was eight years old again, making Rugby’s box, smiling and hoping it was going to turn out really cute!  I had SO much fun making it, but the biggest fun for me was seeing what everyone else had created!!  I loved seeing everyone’s creations!!  It transported me back in time, and woke up memories I had long forgotten!  I loved having a morning where I could be a kid again, and forget the cares and worries of life to make a simple polka dottie piggie Valentine box!

So here’s your Sunday Snuggle….Valentine’s Day Edition.  My Valentine’s box.  And Rugby’s romantic Valentine photo shoot with two of his little piggies.

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