Saturday Snicker: Napping With Those LONG Legs

Rugby has some absolutely adorable and hilarious ways of sleeping, no doubt about it!  Sometimes, he doesn’t seem to know quite what to do with his back legs and paws when he wants to curl up as he snoozes.  This week, I happened to catch a wonderful photo of him napping in a really cute way that made me really laugh!

He had stretched his front legs out like a yoga pose for a dog, and tucked his snoot straight down between them.  But….darn that back leg and paw that just sort of showed up in a weird place!  Enjoy a good giggle from Rugby James!





  1. Jil says

    Seeing Rugby in his many poses always makes me smile. I have a dogger named Daisy who lays in the overstuffed chair with her tummy facing the back of the chair, her back legs up in the air, and her neck bent at an impossible angle along the side of the chair. We call that "pretzelated" Totally relaxed and asleep!

    • Sally says

      Jil, your comment just made me smile!! We call Rugby's goofy naps "Pretzel Naps" because he often folds himself into impossible angles when he sleeps!! It's like they are really rubber doggers! You painted a very nice word picture of Daisy in her overstuffed chair!! 😀


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