Dogs Don’t Worry About Life

I had a brief discussion with someone today who was very worried about what the future was going to hold for her.  I sympathized with her fears, and felt sorry for the stresses that she has in her life at the present time.  Human life has so much about it that can cause worry and fear for the future.

One of the traits that I love so much about dogs, is their ability to stay generally happy and carefree in life.  For those of us with special needs dogs, we might see some occasional exceptions to this rule, but in general, most of the dogs that I encounter in my training, are happy-go-lucky dogs as they traipse through this thing we call life.


No matter what I ask of dogs in training, almost always, I’m met with enthusiasm and excitement in facing their work.  On occasion, I do encounter dogs who get worried if they can’t quickly figure out what I want them to do.  When that happens, I just back up and slow down and encourage them until they can come along, which generally happens very quickly.

By and large, dogs just don’t worry about life.  I do think that much of this has to do with their simple nature, but I think it’s something that we really can learn and put into practice in our own lives.  Dogs just don’t know what’s coming down the pipe in the future, so they have no reason to stress about it.  There does seem to be some truth to the statement that ignorance is bliss.

One reason dogs can stay blissfully joyful about their lives, is because they typically live in the now.  They don’t plan out their lives the way that humans do, and so they tend to stay focused on what is happening in their world at the current moment.  Truthfully, that’s just not a bad way to spend a life.

News travels faster than a speeding bullet!  We’re so connected with the whole world, that we can hear about multiple tragedies day after day, and that alone can erode our sense of safety and joy in life.

And then there’s Rugby….and his piggies!  He gleefully herds me through the house poking my ankles and grunting his little heart out.  It’s as annoying as can be, but there’s a joy in it all at the same time.  He genuinely loves to herd me, and he always brings me a piggie the moment I walk in the door.

It never fails to make me smile….and also beg for mercy as I try to walk through the house!  Trust me, you’re not going to be thinking about bills that are due, the upcoming presidential election, or a leaky kitchen sink when a small dog is grunting you through the house with a polka dottie piggie glued to your ankles!

And really, that’s more of a gift to me than I take time to realize.  Being able to get lost in some play with my dog keeps me grounded.  It reminds me to think of what’s important in life…simple joys.


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