Sunday Snuggles: Any Bed in a Storm

I’ve had this large rectangular basket in my office for a year or so….in exactly the same spot.  Rugby knows it’s there, and will poke his nose around in it on occasion…just to be nosy and see if he’s missing anything interesting in there.

Recently, because my office can tend to be a bit chilly…especially under my desk, I’ve thrown some blankets into the basket for handy use when I’m cold.

For the first time, Rugby discovered the blankets and assumed that I had put them there for him, naturally.  He hopped into the basket, curled up and promptly took a nap.

It’s a snug fit for him, and the sides do go up a bit higher than his other beds, but that didn’t seem to bother him or stop him.  So here are a few photos from his first venture into a new bed….Enjoy a snuggle for your Sunday!


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