Saturday Snicker: A Little Modesty Here, Please….

This photo just makes me giggle, plain and simple!  This is an old photo from a few years ago, and Rugby was napping on the sofa, which he commonly did in those days.  But what made this photo so funny to me, is the position of his floofy tail!  He has cleverly tucked it over himself to hide his manly “junk.”

That’s no easy feat for a dog whose tail curls the opposite direction over his back!  Usually, when he sleeps, his tail is just as relaxed as he is, and it’s straight out behind him, or gently curled to the side.  I’ve never seen him choose to flip it over his tummy like this….before or since that time….so I’m glad I was able to snap this photo and capture that giggle!

The photo quality reflects the old phone that didn’t have great photo capabilities, and I apologize for the fuzziness, but I really wanted to share this image, because it was adorable, and it just makes me smile.  Enjoy a snicker for your Saturday!


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