Life With Rugby When I’m Sick….

I rarely ever get sick….but when I do….I’m sick!  This past week, a cold virus just really knocked me out for a couple of days, and it caught me completely off guard.  Colds generally follow a specific pattern for me, and this one broke all of the molds, so I really didn’t see it coming until I was flat on my back looking at my bedroom ceiling!  Compounding things, was that Michael was also in the midst of a pretty awful chest cold, so we were both a mess of coughing, sneezing, and the like!

Any dog owner can tell you that it is always challenging to be sick, because our dogs just don’t understand the change in their routine!  They want their usual life, with all of the activities that they normally do.  When owners get sick….well….it throws a monkey wrench into a dog’s plans for the day!

Rugby is no different here, believe me.  He wants what he wants the way that he wants….and when he wants it!  And he’s very persuasive when he’s ready for what he wants!


Make that a double *sigh*…

How do you explain to a little dog who has such hope in his eyes that you really feel like a truck has run over you and you simply can’t get up and play….or train….or go outside to chase squirrels!  I felt so lousy that I really couldn’t do much for a couple of days except sleep and watch TV.  I did try to explain this to Rugby.  I really did.  I reasoned with him.  Then I pleaded with him.  And then I scolded him when he wouldn’t stop his insistent barking at my bedside. He wasn’t having any of it…and I needed to just be sick until I got well again!


Fortunately, Michael was a little further along in getting well, so he took over much of Rugby’s entertainment for me.  However, at our house, there are many times when only mama will do.  And this past week was one of those times.  Rugby knows how the household should run, and he knows who should be doing what.  He liked his daddy spending time with him training and playing, but he really thought that he should get that same level of attention from me that he normally gets.  Apparently, there are no exceptions to this rule.

Apparently. <insert my eye roll here>

006Rugby is very focused….and Rugby is very persistent!  Those are great attributes for a dog to have when he’s working, but it can really be challenging for everyday living with him!!  He doesn’t let go easily.

He often stood next to my bed, his eyes shining bright, full of hope, and his beautiful floofy tail doing a gentle wag back and forth over his back.  He always starts with his inside voice, which sounds a whole lot like a car engine grinding as it turns over on a dead battery…rrrr….rrrrr….rrrrr.

When that doesn’t work, he escalates to a stronger wag, deeply sincere eyes, and barking two woofs….pausing…..looking hopeful…..barking two woofs…..and repeating until my head felt like it would explode!  The dog will just not stop or give up!!

012Those EYES of his!!  Doggone those sweet eyes of his!!  Arrgh!!  He looks soooo sincere with those little chocolate drops, and it’s so hard to be cross when he won’t give it up!!  But when you’re really sick, even sincere eyes don’t cut it!  Trust me on this one.

He finally settled for snuggles with me if he couldn’t coerce me to get out of bed.  I guess he felt if he couldn’t beat me….he’d join me!  And he really is a wonderful little snuggle buddy, which I’m very sure does have important healing principles.

As the week has gone on, he seems to finally understand that life will be a little different for us right now, and there’s less barking, and more snuggling, which suits me just fine for now.  That’s perfect for my energy level….and Rugby is the perfect snuggle buddy!!






  1. Mike says

    In some of these pictures you can almost see the disappointment in Rugby's eyes as he doesn't get his way. Incredible.

    • Sally says

      He has the most expressive eyes, doesn't he? When he really wants something and hears, "No....not now" his disappointment is sometimes almost palpable. There's a hopeful look in Rugby most of the time, and it's so hard to disappoint him! I try to help him hear more "yes" than "no," because that's how I roll. But sick is sick, and all of us....has to adjust! Fortunately, it doesn't happen often!!

      • Mike says

        I liked this response so much i wanted to 'like' it. So I am setting off to give users the ability to do just that.

        • Sally says

          WOW!! That's fantastic!!! I wanted to 'like' your response, but I'm clicking on the little thumb and it's not doing a thing.... bummer!!!


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