Sunday Snuggle: Healing a Sick Papa

Any of my readers who is also a fan of Rugby’s Facebook page will know that this week, Michael and I have both been sick with this Winter’s upper respiratory virus!  I’ve been sick in bed, and Michael has preferred the sofa for recovery.  Rugby generally spends most of his time wherever I am, but he does check on his daddy occasionally….just to be sure that he gets some Rugby love too!

Today’s Sunday Snuggle captures a wonderful moment with Rugby and his sweet daddy.  I had gone into the kitchen for yet one more cup of tea, and came out to see this adorable moment.  It was too sweet not to share with you.  I’m happy to report that both Michael and I are on the mend, and no doubt some of that recovery is due to the care and attention given to us by a very special spotted and speckled furry friend at our house!!

Happy snuggles for your Sunday!




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