Saturday Snicker: Rugby and Winter Coats…

We live in the valley of the Great Smoky Mountains.  We can be in Smoky Mountain National Park in less than an hour.  As such, many of the heavier snows stick to the higher elevations, and we miss out on most of the serious snows.  We get a few Winter snows that are 1-2,” and here one day and gone the next.  While we might miss out on the heavier snows in the mountains, we rarely miss out on the really cold temperatures when the cold fronts pass through our area.

Typically, our temperatures are so moderate here that an extra jacket or sweater really isn’t needed for a dog like Rugby.  He’s got a thick enough coat, and it’s long enough that he stays pretty comfortable most days.  If we go anywhere away from home, he’s in his Thundershirt, so he’s got a nice little snug jacket to warm him.

When we have had enough snow for some extended yard play, in really cold temps below freezing, I’ve put a regular jacket on him so that he would stay comfortable for a longer amount of time.  He’s never, ever impressed with coats, jackets, sweaters, hats, scarves, mittens, you name it.  The dog wants to be comfortable…and naked!  Plain and simple….that’s my boy!  When the temperature allows it, that’s how we roll.  However, when the temperature dips below freezing, I do put an extra jacket on him if we’ll be playing for 30 minutes or more.

These photos are from a few years ago, but I just love them!  My daughter took them just as Rugby and I were heading out the door to engage in some yard play. We put his hood up for the photo opportunity, and I love the progression of his snoot from invisible to visible.  My goodness, just the hood over his head alone  is really funny!  But don’t tell him that I shared these photos, because I promised him that the negatives were destroyed!

Happy snickering for your Saturday, courtesy of Rugby James….


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