Sunday Snuggles: Rugby’s Favorite Things!

Rugby has the cutest little ritual after every meal that he eats.  He used to be fed in a puzzle feeder, but because he’s a resource guarder, we need to have a set spot and use a bowl so that there’s no ugly business at mealtime!  So, he’s fed in the kitchen, and when he finishes eating….15 seconds after he’s released to go to his supper bowl….he carries his supper bowl off…usually to one of his beds, and he licks it clean and just likes to have it nearby until I pick it up and put it away.

On this given day, I guess I didn’t get his bowl picked up quickly enough, and he settled in with his purple piggie and supper bowl nearby….for a sweet little nap…..three of his favorite things:  Piggies, his supper bowl, and naps!




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