Saturday Snicker: Shopping Edition

When Rugby was a young puppy in our home, when he was bored, he would often look for mischief.  Shocking, I know.  When he tired of his toys, his gaze would go to MY toys instead, and shopping would ensue!!  He really was hopeful that he could find some contraband, and we’d chase him to get it back.  Our house had an open floor plan that allowed him to run in a circle through the entire house, and he just loved that.

However, this wasn’t my first rodeo, so I was always savvy to his schemes!  Things were generally always kept picked up well,  and there was really very little that he could steal.  But it didn’t stop him from trying.  I’m sure previous homes had taught him that he could get a good return for his efforts, so it was worth it for Rugby to keep trying!

This little video was done on Christmas day.  Everything was unwrapped, and I had put his new toys in my big tote bag….a bag that’s big enough to hold Rugby, by the way.  He decided to do some Christmas shopping in the tote bag, and this little video is so cute to capture his backfield in motion.  Enjoy a snicker for your Saturday!!






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