Sunday Snuggles: The Toofless Grin

I have to admit that I love Rugby’s Bubba grin.  I just do.  I hate that he knocked two teeth out while he was in a crazy reactive state, and that he lost four more through the removal of a benign tumor  growing on his lower gum.  But he looks so goofy and adorable when he opens his mouth, and it always makes me smile and think, “That’s mah boy!”

Often, when he sleeps on his back, gravity pulls open that relaxed lower jaw, and he sleeps with his mouth open.  Over the Christmas holiday, he was invited up on the loveseat with me for a snuggle.  We were all snuggled up in a warm fuzzy blanket together, and he fell asleep.  When I looked down at him, I was able to snap the cutest little snuggle nap photo, and here it is.

Happy Snuggles for your Sunday!!





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