Monday Meanderings: Love Makes the Difference

This week, I think I’d like to write some posts in review of 2015.  I’ve been writing this blog since early in June of 2015, and now seems like an appropriate time to do a review and reflect on things after my first six months in the blogosphere!


First of all, I have been happier than a pig in mud writing this blog.  Many days, I know exactly what I’m going to write about, and those blogs flow easily from heart to head to computer.  However, there are also days when I feel that pressure to come up with a topic and write something relevant that my readers will enjoy.  The pressure is real.  My schedule can already feel pretty taxed with work and life, and on occasion, I’m sweating bullets to figure out what I’m going to post!  I won’t lie to you about that!

However, when I sit down at my little HP laptop every day, hoping the creative juices will be flowing, I find that typically, they are. Honestly, I do lots and lots of driving every week, and when I drive, I think.  That’s where I get some of the best ideas for my blogs. Sometimes I can think of a theme for the week, which makes me feel like I’m all put together!

But today, I thought I’d reflect on one of the most amazing  and unexpected things to ever come from starting this blog.  I never saw it coming, and it’s been like a mudslide that hits fast and hard and catches its “victims” completely off guard. It washes over them…leaving them feel completely overwhelmed.

The “mudslide” that hit me has been the tremendous amount of love that’s been shown to Rugby and I.  When I started the blog, I had hoped that Rugby and I would be able to bring hope and help to dogs and their owners.  I wanted folks who have difficult dogs to know that they weren’t all alone.  I wanted to share my love for dogs and my life with Rugby.  I love to write, and it was a wonderful, creative way to express that love and help folks all at the same time.

I expected to give and not get back.

giphy (1)But I got…and I got….and I got!!  The love that has been dished out to Rugby and me has been absolutely amazing! Comments are kind and encouraging….funny and loving.  They make me smile without fail.  Some can worm their way into my heart and I carry them with me for days.

The impact of words.

Who knew you would want to share your words of love and encouragement with me?

Knowing that I can provide much needed smiles and hope for some of my readers has really given me a sense of purpose and motivation to keep going.  I’ve lived through such tough seasons in my life when it seemed as if every friend I had vanished into thin smoke, and I was all alone on planet Earth.  Alone and adrift with no sense of purpose or direction.

Surviving, but not thriving.

For many dogs in shelters, I think that’s what’s going on for them too.  They survive, but they don’t necessarily thrive.  You can see it in their faces and most especially in their sad and scared eyes.  They’re going through the motions of living, but they don’t feel alive, necessarily.

It’s the same for people too….and sometimes I see those lost looks on their faces when I’m out and about each day.  Everyone’s life has a story, and few of us ever get to know someone else’s story, which is sad, I think.  Our stories are what create who we are.  Our story is what creates the framework for how we think and feel….the lens we use to see the world.

sunset-hands-love-womanWhat I think makes all the difference for people and for dogs, is a small four letter word….love.  Dogs and people come alive when they feel and experience being loved.  I was able to break down the walls of Rugby’s mistrust because of love.  I’ve seen my own walls of mistrust come down a bit because of the love I’ve felt from complete strangers who have adopted me into their hearts and grafted me in as a friend.

As I wind down year 2015 and look forward to year 2016, the one thing that I think I’m most proud of having done in my first six months of blog writing, is that I feel very much as if I’ve been able to help create a community of hope and love on this blog and also on Rugby’s Facebook page.

Living with a difficult dog is so incredibly hard, and no one should have to do that all alone.  I hope you’ll always feel loved and hope when you come to visit

It’s just who we are, and it’s definitely how we roll.


Christmas snuggles….2015







  1. Deb says

    It is so hard to think of Rugby as a difficult dog. However, I have a rescue who is very nervous due to the abuse she suffered before coming to us. The struggle is real. I always appreciate your little tidbits of information on dealing with rescue dogs. Jiggy just got her first puzzle for Christmas and it has been so much fun watching her trying to figure it out. I would have never thought of it without your suggestions. We also "work" much more than we did before. I used to just feel sorry for her and give her everything.

    • Sally says

      Hi Deb-Thanks so much for your kind comment. Yes, the struggle is VERY real!! Rugby can be a hot mess of emotion at times, and that makes him so unpredictable, and not a lot of fun on his bad days. But, we do the best that we can, and the bottom line is always that I know he is trying to figure things out. He tries, but can't always connect the dots!

      So many dogs I train are rescues, and they always come with extra junk in their bags. I often remind folks that there was a reason someone else didn't want their dog. So rescues mean that you are dealing with behavior that some previous owner either didn't want to correct or didn't know how to correct. UGH! I'm so glad you've moved past the "feeling sorry" for your girlie. Feeling sorry doesn't help anything at all, and creates a whole lot of extra issues at home. Good for you, for making her work and earn!! That's definitely going to move you in a good direction!!

      I'm SO GLAD that Jiggy (adorable name by the way) is loving her puzzle!! What a fantastic tool you've given to her, and it will help both of you in working with her!! You'll have to shoot a video and post it on Rugby's Facebook page! I would LOVE to see it!!

      So happy that you're enjoying the blog! Give your little Jiggy a belly rub from me! <3

  2. Mike says

    Loved the reflection in this post and hearing how easy it can be for you to put the words down and get a blog post up.

    A lot of bloggers really struggle with that and have a hard time thinking about where to go with a new post. Myself included.

    I appreciate this blog and the little bright light that shines from it each day when I visit.

    • Sally says

      Thanks, Mike. Some posts are easier than others to write, but I find that the ones that really come from my heart just flow out like nothing, and I can nail them down pretty quickly. The more technical ones take a bit longer for sure! Sometimes what's toughest, is choosing photos!!

      Thanks so much for your daily visits and the time you take in offering comments. It makes me feel just great to know that others are catching that little bright light from what I write!! That's a goal being met! I want everyone to feel a little better after their visit than before they came! <3 <3 <3


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