Sunday Snuggles: Progressive Nap….

One of the very best parts of Christmas is that I get to stop the hustle and bustle of a normal day, and kick back and relax!  No training to do.  No emails to answer.  No phone calls or text messages to return.  I get to just “be” and enjoy my family.

Rugby is honestly never, ever, ever happier than when his whole pack is home.  He seems to love having his Lindsay home as much as her dad and I do.  The look of joy on his face when he hears her voice for the first time is just priceless!

Naturally, part of kicking back and relaxing involves lots of naps from both Rugby and I.  Yesterday, he snuggled on my lap, on his back, with his little front paws folded down tightly against his chest.  As I watched him, his little eyes started to flag, getting more and more droopy and relaxed until he was asleep as I sat with him and gently stroked the side of his face.  While this was going on, I managed to get some photos in progression…one handed, mind you, which I just simply love.

This was such a special Christmas memory this year, and opportunities to shut out the rest of the world and relax are far too few for me.  I hope you’ll enjoy these photos, and wish you happy snuggles for your Sunday!



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