Saturday Snicker: Christmas Cookie Coma by Rugby James

This was a really fun Christmas on account of the Lindsay commed home, and I gotted to help open lotsa prezzies!!  Even if they wasn’t all for me, the Mama letted me help tear the papers, and that was all kindsa fun!!  Usually I gets scolded for tearing up paper, but the Mama letted me tear up lotsa paper yesterday on account of it was Christmas!

I also gotted sum extra snacks what I doesn’t usually get.  I didn’t even hasta earn sum of them….the Mama just gived me sum extras, and that was really, really fun!  But the best part was when the Lindsay knocked over a whole box of mini cookies, and a bunch fell on the floor what I snarfed down really quick!  That was a pawtastic score what hardly never, ever happens at my house!!

So….after lotsa cookies and snacks, I hadda do what a dogger gotsa do:  NAP!!  I was almost in a cookie coma….but boy howdy was it ever great!!  So here’s your Saturday Snicker….a pretzel nap….brought on by a cookie coma….

Barrooos to you and yours!!




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