A Christmas Eve Memory by Rugby James

It was three years ago….2012.  The Lindsay had just graduated from the University of Tennessee and she was living wif the Mama and the Daddy.  She had broughted her lil kitties to live wif her, in the basement of our house.


I doesn’t likes kitties very much.  They hiss and spit and they’re quiet and sneaky and conniving.  And I had two of them living in my basement!  Nopawdy asked me if they could move in, but they came anyhow.  I lubs the Lindsay, and I was glad that she moved back wif us.  I just didn’t see why she hadda bring them wif her!

Well, sumtimes when the kitties would make noise like meowing, or hissing at each udder, or even bumping into the kitty gate what kept them in the basement, I would get a lil spun up and barky.  This is where the piggies commed in very handy  on account of I learned to grab one and grunt it when I gotted all wigged out.

I used to likesa  bark at the kitties every chance I could get!  I would wait at the top of the stairs and look for them.  They always sleeped a lot during the day, but in the evening, they liked to come out and run around in the basement, what I didn’t like at all.  If I heared them, I would grab a piggie and run down the stairs and grunt at the kitty gate what the Mama putted up to keep those kitties in the basement and out of my part of the house.

Misc. Rugby 051 (2)On Christmas Eve that year, I gotted all worked up, and when I grunted the piggie really hard, I whacked my snout on the basement floor what was tile over cement.  I whacked it so hard, I knocked out a toof, and gotted two more of them loose!  Then my mouf was really, really sore, and I was a lil grumbly and growly, on account of I didn’t feel very good.

So the Mama hadda call the vetty vet in the afternoon on Christmas Eve to get my mouf looked at.  My regular vetty vet was already gone for the holiday, so I hadda see the spare one what I goes to when my vetty vet can’t see me.  I hadda go and get looked at, and one of my loose teefs came out when the vetty vet was trying to see about it.  Then there was just two left on the top, and one of them was really loose and the udder one just a lil loose.

She telled the Mama she fought I would be okay and that my toof might get itself tightened back up.  She didn’t wanna pull it if she didn’t hafta do it, and so she and the Mama decided to just leave it alone and see what happened.  If the root died, then she’d hafta pull it, but if it could get tightened back up okay, then they wouldn’t hasta do anyfing wif it.

So that’s how I spended Christmas Eve, 2012!  At the vetty vet on account of those Evil kitties what maked my toofs get knocked out!

I hope your Christmas Eve doesn’t involve the vetty vet, and you getsa just enjoy time wif friends and family.  And I really hope that your teefs stays in your mouf sos you can eat all of the Christmas goodies and handouts!!




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