Training Tip Tuesday: How to Properly Train Your Uprights by Rugby James

Welcome back to anudder Training Tip Tuesday!!  I’ve been finking and finking about what I want my Upright Friends to know about training, and I decided that really, the Mama is better at doing that stuff, so I fought I would write today’s post to my Furends instead!  I fink I’m probly purty good at that, so here we go!

Here’s the first fing you gotsa know about training Uprights:  It’s a hard job!  Phew!!  I’ve been at it for 8 years now, and I can tell you….it’s been sum work!

Frst of all, you gotsa watch them really good all the time sos you can learn their patterns.  If you gots more than one Upright, you gotsa know who keeps the rules and who’s gonna feel sorry for you and cave in!  That’s the Upright you wantsa be best Friends wif, on account of they will slip you extra snacks.

Secondly, you always gotsa get underfoot in the kitchen, on account of that’s where all of the good stuff is.  Be sure you gets between your Uprights and the counters, sos if sumping gets dropped, you can be first in line for it.  I’ve had sum really happy accidents from food getting dropped off of the counters.

Thirdly, if you really wanna get sum handouts, learn how to use your eyes properly.  Uprights is real suckers for a good sincere look.  Make your eyes all soft and drippy, and if you can get sum extra water in them, they will look really sincere.  Really sincere eyes get all kindsa good fings; at the very least, you might oughta get sum extra pets and maybe even sum snuggles!  It’s a really good technique to master for sure!

You’ll wanna get up on the furniture and into their beds as early as you can!  That’s where the best snuggles is, and I highly recommend it!  Uprights doesn’t always appreciate a good snuggle and they doesn’t always recognize snuggle opportunities, so you gotsa teach them that snuggles is good 24/7….365!!  It’s helpful to lay on their feet, and as close as you can get every time they stop!  It takes practice, so don’t give up on it!  Snuggles is really worf all of the time and effort, so you’ll wanna work extra on this one!

Good luck, puppers!!  I gots lots more, but I doesn’t wanna overwhelm you, so start small and when you’re successful wif these fings, I’ll give you more ideas!!  Barrooo!!!!





  1. Mike says

    Those eyes will always work. I am fairly confident a certain cat reads this and tries to apply certain principles when it comes to earning some extra food.

    • Sally says

      Rugby: Hmmmm......If kitties is reading my posts, I might hasta start writing in sum kinda code! The last fing I want is for kitties to take over the kitchen and get snacks what is meant for doggers! Pfft!


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