Sunday Snuggle: Rugby the Space Invader!!

In previous posts, I’ve explained how Rugby loves to snuggle as close as he can get!  He has no concept of personal space, and once he starts snuggling, he turns into a true Velcro dog!  He’s stuck to me like glue, and there’s no shaking him off, unless I ask him to get off the sofa completely!  He’s actually a bit rude…a true “space invader”… but as you can see, he’s so endearing in his rudeness, it’s hard to be cross about it, even when he gets annoying!

And, believe me….he gets annoying!

This photo gives you a great idea of what it’s like!  Notice he’s folding his legs up as tightly as he can, but those back legs are precariously close to booting my laptop when he decides to stretch!  And trust me, he DOES like to stretch!  And when he stretches, he often kicks and pushes whatever happens to be in his way….most usually….ME!


Photos like these are treasures to me, because they are so clear in capturing an accurate portrait of who Rugby really is.  Again, it’s a little snapshot of a moment in time, but that moment encapsulates many, many snuggles with my little guy.  Someday, these little snapshots are all I’ll have of him, and I’m always so happy to capture something this special!

Hope you smile at this image, and happy snuggling for your Sunday!





  1. Sarah Thomas says

    I believe that if Rugby could dive off the high dive at the pool, he would have the perfect tuck mastered for his flips!!! He's the sweetest lil guy, Mama Sally! You're beyond blessed <3

    • Sally says

      Now that's a great mental image, Sarah!! But you're so right, and he does sleep in that tucked position a lot! What else can he do with those long legs he's got?! I'm blessed indeed!! 😀


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