Saturday Snicker: Here a Piggie, There a Piggie….

Today’s Saturday Snicker is brought to you by Rugby James!  This was completely his idea!!  When I post random photos of his piggies in my house, those are all Rugby’s doing!  I never stage piggie photos!  I just go about my day and my life, and I often find piggies in the most remarkable places and positions.  I just come up with captions, but Rugby does all of the artwork with them!

I happened to see this one, though, and it made me laugh out loud.  Rugby had been carrying this purple piggie with him, wandering around the house with him as he often does.  I had been folding laundry and putting it away, so my laundry bag was empty.  Rugby happened by with his piggie, and poked his snoot over the top to see what was in the bag.  He dropped in his little piggie, and then trotted off to do other things. It was the cutest thing, and I’m so happy I got to see it….and share it with you!  Have a smile for your Saturday, from Rugby James and me!




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