Saturday Snicker: Letting it All Hang Out!

Quite often, Rugby loves to sleep sunny side up…letting it all hang out!  When he’s allowed on the furniture with me, he can be a bit rude….a space invader.  When he sleeps, he either curls up into a tight little ball, or he sprawls all over…letting those long legs kick and push to get additional space.

As a result, at times, I have resorted to using a dog bed on the sofa, letting Rugby sleep in his bed so that I can have my own space on the sofa without having to fight for it!  Generally, he likes this idea, and he will often curl up tightly into his bed that is two sizes too small, and he’s a happy camper.

On this particular day, he started out curled up into a little ball, and as the nap evolved, Rugby started a slow but steady sprawl into my space on the sofa.  He’s still making the most of his bed, but taking up two of the three cushions on the sofa!  For a little 23 pound dog, that’s a bit impressive!

But what I absolutely love about this photo, and what makes me snicker every time I see it, is the fact that he was sound asleep with his front legs sticking straight up into the air….and crossed….as if he was trying to earn extra points for style!

The photo quality is not terrific….not all phones take good photos, and this older phone didn’t do such a great job for me.  But it’s enough to give you the idea, and I hope you’ll smile all the same!!





  1. Karen Mitchell says

    Rugby was definitely going for extra points on this one!!! Another very cute photo of one of my favorite doggers!

    • Sally says

      He doesn't sleep like this often, but I'm always so happy when I can capture a photo of it. How he can sleep and stretch those long legs straight up in the air...defying gravity...amazes me! Thanks for reading and taking time to comment, Karen!! I'm so grateful to know folks who love my little guy so much!!

    • Sally says

      So sorry you had such a rough night, Sarah!! Hope today goes better for you!! Glad we could bring some love and a giggle to you! Sending hugs.... <3

  2. Karen Laferney says

    Rugby has amazingly long legs when I see them like that!! It is amazing he can hold the up and sleep!! Must be the exact balance between gravity any his muscles!! At this point if say he has control over almost three quarters of the sofa....Lol!!
    I hope there is a chair you find comfortable...
    <3 to you and sweet Rugby James.

    • Sally says

      It's crazy how long his legs are, Karen! He really is built like a deer! I have NO idea how he manages to stick those legs straight up in the air and sleep at the same time! That's got to be multi-tasking at its finest, right? And yes....he's an absolute sofa piggie!! So, for now, he's napping on the floor to give me some space on the furniture! He's currently curled up right next to my feet, on his dog pillow....which I moved near me so he could be close enough to fill up both of our love tanks! <3 Thanks so much for reading and for taking time to comment, Karen! <3


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