Throwback Thursday: Put Down the Phone….or ELSE!!

This is a favorite memory from many years ago.  It was probably the second Winter that Rugby had come to live with me.  It was something naughty that he figured out….to try to manage my business phone calls!

013I had a big open basket that I kept in my living room, and it was just perfect for stuffing hats, scarves, gloves and mittens over the cold Winter months.  I always packed those things away in warmer weather, but I liked how cute and colorful they looked taking up space in my living room.  I found a really cute basket to hold them, and enjoyed letting them decorate and provide a functional storage solution….all at the same time!

Rugby honestly has always been a fairly easy dog in regards to “naughty shopping.”  When he was a puppy, he would look for mischief, and some form of contraband that he could snatch!  After so many years of living with dogs, I honestly keep things picked up pretty well.  I rarely leave anything enticing where a dog can get to it, and that’s just a habit for me.  And, truthfully, Rugby has done a really good job of understanding which things are mine….and which things are his!

Often when I’m home, I’m answering business emails, text messages, or returning phone calls. Some days are worse than others, but it does comprise a pretty fair amount of my time, and this is not a fact that was lost on Rugby!  He was watching….and taking notes….and scheming!

He found a really unique way to entice me to speed up my phone calls!  It’s naughty, but it’s so thoughtful and so very cute, it was really hard to get cross with him!  He honestly did fine with the first phone call or two.  But if I had three or more phone calls, Rugby decided to put a stop to them to get the attention back onto him!  He used a very creative and thoughtful means!

While I was busy talking, he would rummage around in the scarf and glove basket.  Mind you….he never gave that basket a minute of notice or attention at any other time!  This happened only when I was returning phone calls!

He would rummage around the basket, until he found my very favorite pair of leather gloves.  He would carefully and deliberately pull said 012gloves out by one of the fingers, and bring it over to where I happened to be talking.  Then, he would carefully lay it on the floor and look up at me…..and wait.

Naturally, I kept right on talking.  So Rugby would start to lower his head, his upper lips twitching like Elvis, so that his whiskers wiggled, as he inched his face closer and closer to that glove.  All the while, he made eye contact with me….just daring me to ignore him….knowing full well that he would grab that glove and take off through the house trying to start a game of chase.

It really was hard to be cross with him, because it was such a clever and well thought out game!  He always grabbed the gloves I liked best….not a scarf to play tug of war, mind you.  My very best leather driving gloves!  And he only played this game when I was on the phone, and only when I was on my third, fourth or fifth phone call!  He let me have the first two phone calls without being a pest!

But after two calls, Rugby turned into the “Phone Call Police” and he came up with a very creative way to shut those calls down!!  After seeing his way of managing my phone calls, I quickly learned to involve Rugby in something good….like a frozen peanut butter Kong….before I picked up my phone to return calls!

This memory still makes me smile…and I know better than to trust those conniving eyes….

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  1. Mike says

    I love the phone police!

    Sometimes, I need the phone police to help me reduce the number of calls I take on a daily basis.

    • Sally says

      Rugby has moderated over the years, and he doesn't police my calls nearly as much as he used to. But this memory of a snapshot in time is a very special memory to be sure! Thanks so much for reading and taking time to comment! <3

  2. says

    Woosers!!!! Rugby continues to prove how so very, very smart he is. He knew how to get Mom's item at a time!!! Or wait....maybe he knew how to get treats one at a time!!! Maybe he really is rated high on the Mensa scale!

    • Sally says

      He's a very creative problem solver to be sure, Denise! He is a bit of an attention whore, so I have had to make him earn things so that he doesn't get a big head and ego!! Thanks for reading the blog and taking time to comment!! 😀


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