Saturday Snicker: The BATH!!

If you’ll remember, Rugby had a recent “fireplace encounter” where his face got all sooty after he poked around.  Of course, I had to give him a bath after that, and he’s just not a big bath fan!

What a contrast from my show Corgis!  All I had to do was ask, “Who wants to get in the tubby?” and they came running!!

Rugby, on the other hand, watches me start the water in the tub, and drops that pretty tail of his until he’s nearly tucked it between his back legs.  He flattens his ears, and his eyes say it all:  “Is that bath for you….or….???”  And I have to carefully scoop up the limp noodle that he becomes when the realization hits him.

So, I thought for your Saturday Snicker, you might enjoy a series of bath photos from the “fireplace encounter.”  Let the snickers begin….

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  1. Jil says

    Poor Rugby! My dogs both do the pathetic look in the bath. And once they are clean, they are so happy and do "zoomies" around the house!

    • Sally says

      You've described Rugby through and through! He just does not enjoy a bath, but he's so good and very tolerant through the process. And yes, he zooms through the house like his tail is on fire afterward! His frantic excitement always makes me giggle! Thanks for reading!! 🙂


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