Make a Difference Wednesday: Christmas Ideas for Shelters/Rescues!

I honestly think that lots of people want to help dogs who are in need.  They just aren’t sure what to do, or how to do it.  Most of us think that we’re just one person, so we can’t do much.  And that sort of thinking leads to doing nothing at all.  The honest truth is that there are lots and lots of things that people can do to make a difference for dogs in need!  Today’s post will give you some ideas that you can try in your own area.  If each one of us just does our own little bit, together…we’re going to have a lot!  And that’s when we get to see miracles happen!

  1. Go through your dog’s stash of toys and pull out the ones that are in very, very good shape but that your dog doesn’t play with anymore.  You can donate those extra toys to a shelter or area rescue.  Dogs in shelters and rescues rarely get toys of their very own.  Shelters and rescues have to use their financial resources for food, shelter and vet costs, so there often isn’t anything left over for the “fun” things that are so very important to dogs.
  2. Go through old blankets and towels, and donate those to shelters and rescues as well.  Most shelters have hard cold floors for sleeping, and dogs don’t always get anything soft to sleep or snuggle with.
  3. Consider paying someone’s adoption fee…or a portion of it.  Sometimes dogs don’t get adopted because the initial adoption fee is too steep for them.  I think this would be a really wonderful thing to do for senior dogs/cats, because they are the least adoptable pets.  Everyone adopts puppies/kittens or young adults.  Seniors make wonderful pets, and are most often just overlooked.  Paying their adoption fee will certainly help bump them up the list to make them more appealing to potential families.
  4. Bags of food or treats are always welcomed at shelters and rescues.  Our local shelter feeds Science Diet, so you might call your shelter or rescue to see what they use and provide that for them.
  5. Consider being a volunteer for 2016!  Many shelters need extra hands to help out with everyday activities, and don’t have funding to pay staff to do it.  Being a volunteer frees up financial resources for other things.
  6. Think about being a foster parent for 2016.  Rescues often have to turn down dogs because they don’t have foster homes who can house and care for the dogs until they are adopted.  You can call your local rescue to see what they require of their foster homes.  It’s a great way to be a part time pet owner and really make a good difference in a dog’s life.
  7. Set up bins in your local school, church, gym, grocery, etc. for drop offs.  Rubbermaid tubs are inexpensive, and you can make a nice sign on your computer to solicit donations from other folks who are also looking for a way to make a difference.  Just be sure that you check the bins frequently, and empty them out so that they aren’t overflowing.
  8. This post has been written for dogs/puppies, but you can easily shift lanes a bit to make it kitty friendly as well, if you want to include cats and kittens in need.

The important thing is to do something at all, and don’t worry if you think your help is too small or insignificant.  Just do your part….and wait to see the miracles happen….



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