Sunday Snuggles: Reading on a Rainy Day

Recently, my daughter shared her file of Rugby photos, where there were many that I’ve never seen.  Today’s Sunday Snuggle is one of them, and I just love this.  It’s always so difficult to get photos of Rugby sleeping, because he seems to have a sixth sense about a camera pointed in his direction, and his eyes invariably always pop open just as I’m ready to snap the photo!

We’ve got a miserable rainy day here today, and I’ve been under a blanket working on my laptop all day.  When I saw this photo of Rugby snuggled with Lindsay while she was reading, my heart melted!  I just love it.  One of his favorite places to nap is with a human, on a sofa, tucked behind their knees, propped up and hanging over them.  His little paw on Lindsay’s book is just an extra touch that is so very endearing to me.  I hope you’ve had a cozy and snuggling time with family and friends this weekend.  Here’s just one more dose of sweet to go with your pie….




  1. says

    I had a fun long weekend...dinner with family, then two days of shopping with my sisters and girlfriends. But coming home and snuggling with the dogs just tops it all off and makes it perfect.
    Love this photo!

    • Sally says

      Sounds so nice, Jan! I had great family time and lots of movies in addition to the wonderful food and general fun! It was great to be away from dog training for a few days to be sure!! My daughter took this photo a few years ago, and just shared it with me today! It's a new favorite for sure!! <3


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