Saturday Snicker: Piggies Make Everything Better

In Rugby’s world, piggies are the answer to just about any problem.  Barking?  Well, that’s a close second….and used to be first….until we introduced Rugby to piggies.  I can often re-direct him to grab a piggie when he’s barking, and sometimes….it works.  I’d rather hear a piggie grunting than incessant barking from my little furry friend!

So, having said that, sometimes I think Rugby offers a commentary on my life….which is often lived out of my work briefcase!  One day, when I walked into my office, this is what I saw.  It made me giggle, but it also warmed my heart.  Evidently, Rugby thought that my work day would be better if I had a piggie tag along with me.  Happy Saturday!  Have a snicker from Rugby James and me!



Pig packing into briefcase


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