Sunday Snuggle: A Contrast of Textures…

This photo is a favorite of mine.  I can’t look at this photo and not feel a warm fuzzy or smile at my sweet little dogger all curled up on his blankie, and with his floofy wagger flipped over his nose to keep him warm.  Rugby can curl up into the tightest little ball, and he folds those long legs up and tucks them in under himself.  Then, he often flips his wagger over his nose, and looks as snug and cozy as a little dog can possibly look!

One of the things I really love about this photo is that his speckled fur looks as soft as it really honestly is.  It really does swirl together, and look marbled and almost like cotton.  And along his haunches, the fur is so soft you almost can’t even tell that you are touching him!  His tail fur looks a bit coarser, which is also true.  It’s much more rough and almost wirey feeling, and presents such a strong contrast to the oh so soft fur I feel on Rugby’s haunches.  Quite a contrast all in one speckled package!

P.S.  If you look closely in the upper right hand corner, you’ll see just a tiny bit of his white polka dottie piggie napping with him!


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