Saturday Snicker: Who Loves a Cardboard Box?

It’s a well known fact that kitties seem to really love a nice box for playing and for napping.  None of my dogs have ever enjoyed a box for anything except shredding!

Well…one day Rugby surprised me by curling up in a spare box I had set aside to throw away.  I managed to get a photo of him on my cell phone, but this goes back about 6-7 years, when Rugby’s ears weren’t up yet, and phone cameras left a lot to be desired!  The quality is not good at all, but I still giggle a bit when I see this one, because he looks so completely at home….in a cardboard box!

Who says kitties are the only ones who like boxes



  1. says

    Having seen this "game" being played by Tucker the Corgi Master, I decided it would be fun for Roscoe and Dooley. If you remember, Roscoe is the "smarter" puzzle champion, Dooley- not so much. I let them do the game separately and then together. Just like before, Roscoe pounces on the ball and carries it away while Dooley, the seemingly no-as-smart one snatches up the treat! Every time! Roscoe never did figure out where the treats were when he played this game with Dooley!

    • Sally says

      Ellen, this makes me giggle like you can't imagine!! That is so stinking funny!! I think those two make the perfect team, and together, they must keep you in stitches a good part of the time! Thanks so much for sharing your experience with me! That's just priceless!! 🙂


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