Sunday Snuggle: The Rugby I Live With

This is a wonderful photo of Rugby that I captured this past week.  He is really not fond of the “Pupparazzi” and often won’t look at the camera, or give me any ears or expression in his eyes.  This photo has captured who this little guy really is!  The look on his face, body position, soft eye, pretty upright ears….that’s who he really is!  This is the Rugby I live with and see every day.  I’m so glad he worked with me so I could share how special he really is with all of you!  Happy snuggles for your Sunday…




  1. Deb says

    Love his face! I understand the struggle. I have uncooperative babies where the photos are concerned as well.

    • Sally says

      Hi Deb- Thanks so much for reading the blog and offering some understanding to me! Dogs in general don't like cameras, and I rarely ever use a flash to help minimize any negative association. But, our dogs are who they are, and I guess we just have to roll with what we can get! So glad I'm not all alone with that struggle to capture the perfect photo of a really cute dog! 🙂


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