Saturday Snicker: Pretzel Napping.2

I grew up with a terrific dog who had some unusual places to sleep!  After the sun had warmed the tar and rock road in front of our house, she often enjoyed an afternoon nap in the middle of that road.  People in our small town knew “Lady” napped there, so they just very carefully drove around her!  Small town living at its finest!  And, she also enjoyed sleeping sunny side up at the base of the back stairs right at our kitchen doorway.  We all knew that’s where she liked to sleep in the house, so we just took a giant step coming down the stairs at the bottom to step over her and not disturb her peace and sleep.  Long after she was gone, our whole family continued with this behavior, stepping over the now “Invisible” dog who took her place.  Somehow, it seemed very comforting to step over the memory of the dog we all had loved so much.

Maybe that’s how I developed a real love for Rugby’s crazy sleeping positions.  He offers a new one every day!  This is an older photo, because he still has his bottom front teeth, and he was sound asleep with his left front leg straight up in the air when I walked in the room.  By the time I had grabbed my phone, he heard me and opened his eyes….but barely.  No matter how many times I see this one, I always giggle just a little, and it’s a good one to share on a rainy day in East Tennessee, as I’m likely to see more of this sort of thing today!


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