Sunday Snuggles: Give Yourself a Hug

I really just love watching Rugby nap and sleep.  It seems like he never chooses the same position twice.  As he’s settled into middle-aged behavior, I see naps far more than I used to.  In his younger days, he was constantly in motion, and never, ever seemed to wear out….a bit like the famous pink Energizer Bunny!

But my little treasure in speckled and spotted fur, is now nearing 9, so he’s napping more and frapping less.  What I love so very much about this photo is those long legs of his!  Quite often, they spill out all over the place, almost like he just doesn’t quite know what to do with them…as if they have a mind of their own.

This photo just makes me smile.  Not only do I love seeing the beautiful, fine, wisps of floofy fur that string along from his ears, but I really love how it almost seems as if his front paws are hugging his back paws.  That’s just not a bad thought to have….finding ways to hug ourselves.  Enjoy this Sunday Snuggle, and go give yourself a hug….as you nap….





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