Sunday Snuggles: Bedtime Snuggles With the Mama

Every night at bedtime, Rugby and I snuggle up for a good little cuddle together before lights out.  We both really look forward to this time of the day, and things sort of come to a stop for us both.  Usually, Rugby starts out with a Nylabone and chews for a while, and I’m usually catching up with blog writing on my laptop.  But at some point, both of us put aside the things we’re working on, and we snuggle up together.  It’s a wonderful way to end each day, and it really fills up our love tanks so that they are nice and full as we start our sleep.

If you click on the red number “004” below, it will highlight a link for you, so you can download and watch a short video of one of our snuggle sessions.  It will take a few minutes to load, so be patient!  His eyes are so incredible!  I just never tire of watching him study my face with them…




  1. Sarah Thomas says

    Oh my doggies, this made my Sunday! Marley enjoyed it as well, he licked the computer screen! This is so sweet! Mama Sally, I talk to Marley the same way you talk to Rugby 🙂 <3

    • Sally says

      So glad Rugby and I could make your day, Sarah. I'm just so very happy I captured this video, because someday, when Rugby is gone, I'm going to love seeing those sweet eyes study my face, and remember what it felt like to stroke his soft face and fur. <3


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