Product Review: Lakse Kronch

This is the largest bag available
Two different sizes are available.

I’m taking a stab at writing my very first product review, for a dog treat that I absolutely LOVE to use!  This is a Danish treat, called “Lakse Kronch.” No one has paid me to offer this review, and in no way is “Lakse Kronch” responsible for the view I’m expressing.  This is only my opinion, and I buy this treat by the wagon load, so anything stated is all on me!

“Lakse Kronch” is 100% Salmon.  That’s the only ingredient, and it’s a good one!  It’s a wonderful, high value treat that typically dogs absolutely love!  I’ve been known to say that it’s like “crack” for dogs, and once they get it, they want more and more and more!  This treat comes in small, thin, square biscuits, and it breaks up very, very easily, so I can offer several small samples, rather than a huge reward.  That way, I don’t fill up tummies too soon, and I can get a good distance for my treat dollars.

As a professional dog trainer, I have very specific things that I look for in dog treats.

  • Dogs have to like the treat.  If a dog doesn’t love it, there’s no point in using it, because the point of the treat is to re-enforce behavior until it becomes a solid habit and the treats are faded.
  • I want to offer something really healthy.  Why put chemicals and junk fillers into your dog’s diet?
  • I’ve rarely ever seen this treat produce any tummy troubles, even with dogs who have sensitivity issues.  If you’re in doubt, check with your vet first.
  • It has to be somewhat stinky, because when a dog is out and about, a handler is competing against lots of distractions.  Stinky bait helps get and keep a dog’s focus on his handler….critical while he’s learning how to ignore distractions and focus!
  • I have to be able to easily break it into teensy, tiny bites….think of the size of the end of a pencil eraser.  Dogs only need a taste…not a 7 course meal.  Remember that you’re going to be giving several treats in one training session, so you definitely want the bites tiny!
It breaks VERY easily!
It breaks VERY easily!

I’m pretty Scotch when it comes to spending money, and just about as practical as can be! This treat is a really great value, because it can be broken into such small bites, and I always use the leftover crumbs from the bottom of the bag to sprinkle on Rugby’s food for an extra treat at mealtime.  I don’t waste a single bit of this treat!

To give yourself an additional bang for your bucks, try putting a handful of your regular dog food kibble into a ziploc plastic bag.  You can break up a few “Lakse Kronch” biscuits and add to the plastic bag.  Heat the in the microwave for just a few seconds.  That will help the natural oils from the treats ooze onto the dog food, turning a low value treat into a higher one.

It’s not a bad idea to have treats with different values, so being able to take simple dog food kibbles and increase their value can actually give you three different treats, all with different values:

  1. Regular dog food kibble is a low value treat.
  2. Add some oozing Salmon oils to that regular dog food, and now you have a mid value treat.
  3. Using the “Lakse Kronch” itself will give you a high value treat.

And speaking of oozing oils, that’s really the only bad thing that I can say about this treat.  You definitely don’t want to put it into your pocket, or on furniture, because they are oily, and you’ll see some staining.  I always line my bait bag with a plastic bag, and put the treats into the plastic bag.  I’ve never had it be a problem for me, because I just plan accordingly, but it’s worth noting for you if you’re not familiar with it.

You likely won’t find this treat in any of the big box pet stores.  I get mine from a local mom and pop pet store, but a local all natural pet food store also carries it.  It can easily be ordered online, so you can Google it to find retailers and order.  Rugby thinks it is the bomb diggity of all dog treats, and I think I’d have to agree!!

Check out the ingredients!
Check out the ingredients!







    • Sally says

      Thanks, Mary Jane. It can be overwhelming to know what to use, and how much when treating a dog. They need far fewer "treats" and far more training in general! Make your dog earn this treat and you'll see one happy dog! 🙂


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