Sunday Snuggles: Let Me Just Prop Myself On You…

It’s rare that I can capture a photo of Rugby sound asleep.  I think he can hear me think about picking up my phone, and he pops his eyes open so fast it can make my head spin.

This isn’t necessarily a terrific photo, when you look at the composition, but it’s still a special one to me all the same.  What makes it very special to me is how Rugby is propped up on my foot and leg, sound asleep, polka dottie piggie always nearby.  I love the feathery, wispy fur on his legs, and the bottoms of his little feeties.  He loves to pile on, lean on, snuggle right against….as close as he can get!  This little guy loves a puppy pile!  And typically, he likes to prop his head up on something, or tuck something under his chin.  This photo is such a great representation of how he sleeps, and I’m so glad I captured it!


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