Saturday Snicker: All the Essentials

For the life of me, I’m really not sure why Rugby eats his breakfast and supper and carries his bowl off to one of his beds or the “Big Bed,” which is mine.  It’s a twice a day ritual.  As soon as he has licked his bowl clean, he picks it up and trots it off somewhere of his choosing in the house.  It’s anyone’s guess where I’ll find it, but Rugby trots it off with real purpose, after every single meal.  I really loved this photo, because it has two of his very favorite things in it:  his supper bowl and one of his beloved polka dottie piggies.  He looks like he’s just finished eating and now he’s settling in to nap with his piggie….making sure that supper bowl is close by….just in case there’s a second supper!  Dogs are such simple souls, with such simple needs.  Rugby keeps me grounded, and focused on the important things of life….which are often the very simple things which are right in front of my nose!




    • Sally says

      Thanks so much Deb. Rugby has incredibly expressive eyes, and I've looked into a lot of dog's eyes over my years as a dog trainer! There's an old soul inside of Rugby....a wisdom and a knowing that he has which is just unlike many other dogs. I appreciate your taking time to read the blog and leave me such a sweet and loving comment! <3


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