Friday Fun: Rugby’s Perspective

Rugby James:  Well, I’ve been asking the Mama if I could post sumping for Friday fun on the blog, and she finally sayed, “Yes, Rugby.  You can write a blog post on fun!”  Seriously, now, who knows more about fun than a dogger?  We is all about fun and play, so it only makes sense that I would write an article about how to have fun!

The Mama tries purty hard to plan stuff for me what will be fun and sumtimes new or different for me.  But she doesn’t really know what doggers like, even though, bless her heart….she does try hard!  So if I had my perfect fun day, this is what I would plan to do.  I fink doggers is gonna agree wif me on this one, so Uprights?  Take good notes here!

I’m not an early riser, so I would like sum morning snuggles and a slow start to the day.  Once I get up and potty, I really wanna have my kibbles and a good drink to go wif them.  It wouldn’t hurt my feelings any if there was sum extra stuff in the kibbles to make them extra special.  You know….shredded duck, chicken, turkey, beef….all of the above!!  I would also like to order nibbles of the breakyfast whatever the Uprights is eating, on account of I never gets any.

After a good breakyfast, I would highly recommend sum skirrel chasing and chippymunk digging.  The skirrels always either run up a tree or zip frew the fence, but I doesn’t getsa just bark at them what I lubs to do.  So for my fun day, I would include as much barking as I wanna do, wifout anypawdy scolding me or making me come in the house!

Wif the chippymunks, they has a home under our patio and I’m not allowed to dig to get to them, which frankly is just re-dicalous.  Just plain silly, if you ask me.  These paws was made for digging, and that’s just what I’ll do!!  Chippymunks….look out…..I’m coming after you!!  I really fink that if the Mama would try digging after a varmint, she’d see the value in it.  It’s a wonderful feeling what has to be experienced to really understand it!  Once you get all of the dirt dug up, you just gotsa do a big ole back roll in it!  It’s the best fing ever, and all that dirt feels so so good in my furs!

010 (2)After all of that work, I fink the best fing we gotsa do is getta drink and then take a nice, long nappy.  I lubs a good nap after sum exercise and hard work, so it completely makes sense to do this.  I usually grab up sum of my special edition polka dottie piggies what make dandy napping buddies, and then I fink it’s time to check out the back of my eyelids for a while!

So, after the naps, I fink it’s time to head back outside to see what’s happening wif the varmints.  Later in the day, we021 get sum good sunshine in the yard, and there’s sumping very, very nice about laying in a sunny place and soaking up sum sunshine in my furs.  I lubs doing this even though I gots lotsa black in my furs and I gets warm purty quick.  I lubs to lay on the lounger fing what’s out on the patio, and just enjoy the fresh airs and keeping a good watch about varmints.  This is a really busy time of year in our yard, on account of the Hickory Nuts is gonna be falling soon, and those skirrels and chippymunks tries to steal them!

After my afternoon yard patrol, it’s time for suppers, and I does likesa eat my kibbles!!  I never misses a meal, and when the Uprights is slow about it, I makes sure I gotsa bark a bunch to remind them….just sos they doesn’t forget about me!

After suppers, I fink it’s about time to settle down and play sum piggies!  I likesa play piggie toss, what is a lot like fetch, only it’s wif piggies.  And then after playing piggie toss, we can play sum herding games wif piggies what is also a whole lotta fun, only the Uprights never seem to see the value in it.

And then, it’s time for tricks or puzzles on account of I’m usually up for a snack, and I doesn’t get anyfing unless I does stuff to earn it.  So, puzzles or tricks will work just fine.  It’s fun….keeps me busy for a bit, and I usually get snacks for that stuff.

003 (2)Then, I gotsa get sum snuggles wif the Uprights while they’re chilling before bedtime.  It’s always a good way to get sum special lubbings and that’s always good in my book.  The Mama usually lets me snuggle wif her up on the big bed, what is extra special.  Then a bedtime snack….what is usually a frozen banana or apple slice….and it’s time for bed.

And that’s what I would do if I gotted to plan out Friday Fun wif the Mama!  She would definitely have lotsa fun if she would just give this stuff a try!!  I highly recommend it!





  1. Sarah Thomas says

    I super lubs the pic of you and Mama, Rugby! I loves it a big much!!!!!! I wonder what you're saying to her 🙂

    • Sally says

      I really love this photo too, Sarah. Rugby often lays with me like this, and he sometimes looks at my face with the most expressive eyes that make me wonder what he's thinking too. There's so much going on in my little guy, but he's the bestest gift on four legs that I could ever imagine!! Thanks so much for reading and taking time to comment! Hugs to Marley!! <3


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