Saturday Snicker: Breakfast and Supper in Bed

Since I’ve lived with Rugby, he’s always struggled with being a Resource Guarder.  In layman’s terms, it means that he growls around certain triggers….the food bowl, the water bowl, high value treat rewards like Peanut Butter Kongs, etc. I’ve worked on this issue probably more than any other since we’ve lived together, and he has improved dramatically over the years.

However, after he finishes his breakfast or supper, he always has a little ritual of picking up his empty dish and trotting with it to one of his dog beds for safekeeping.  Generally, it will get picked up when he’s left it alone so that there’s no threat to him and no danger to me.  One morning, after breakfast, I couldn’t find his bowl anywhere, so I started checking his dog beds to see if Rugby had stashed it.  This is what I found!  Evidently Michael had forgotten to pick up his supper dish from the night before, and Rugby added his breakfast bowl to the bed as well, giving himself a double diner.  Enjoy the laugh as much as I did!!




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