Sunday Snuggles: Watching the Sleeping Dogger

Watching a dog sleep is so relaxing to me.  Rugby almost always sleeps in the cutest positions, from silly pretzel naps to curled tightly and everything in between!  When he’s curled up into a little ball, I have to admit, my heart just melts.  I just love seeing him sleep, and I never, ever get tired of snapping photos with him in various snuggled positions.  I love the way this photo makes the fur on his haunches look like marble.  I also love how he has his little snoot tucked down into his tail to keep it warm.  These are the moments I really treasure, because he’s stopped his motion, stopped his commotion, and he is calm and relaxed….something I don’t get to see often enough.  Snuggle your pups today, and enjoy every little detail of them as they nap.  It’s almost magical to me…


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    • Sally says

      Rugby James: Of course, Mama Mary Jane! I lubs snuggly blankies, and I WAS asleep until the "Pupparazzi" showed up!! Pfft!! 😉


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