Saturday Snicker: Rainy Day Pretzel Nap!

Some dogs are real camera hounds and enjoy dressing up and posing for photos.  Rugby isn’t the sort of dog who enjoys the pupparazzi!  Even though I rarely ever use a flash, he’s just not a fan of having me shoot a cute photo of him.  His most cooperative times are during naps, and this dog is just hilarious when he sleeps!  He can curl up tightly or sprawl out….long legs all over the place.  He can fold his legs in the craziest positions, which caused me to coin the phrase “Pretzel Napping,” because he can look a bit like a pretzel sometimes!  On a rare occasion, I actually catch him sleeping with those long legs stick straight up in the air….defying gravity!  And that’s today’s Saturday Snicker for you!  Misc. Rugby 113



    • Sally says

      I'm so glad to know that you love my photos! I try hard to capture cute images of moments, and to be sure that they are in focus, but that's easier said than done! Thanks for reading and taking time to comment!! <3


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