Tuesday Training Tip: Stop the Insanity!!

Mama Sally:  One of the things I will never, ever understand is why dog owners allow their dogs to continue to repeat naughty behavior over and over without getting any help for it!  The definition of insanity is doing the exact same thing over and over and yet expecting different results!  You might just as well insert a photo of an average dog owner and his dog!

Be sure your equipment works for your dog

The perfect example is when dog owners walk their dogs.  They start out with their little puppies, and when their puppies pull on the leash to go greet another dog or human, they are corrected.  Their owners don’t know how to make them stop pulling, so they keep correcting them.  The puppy grows up, gains more weight and attitude and owners feel frustrated, so the corrections get stronger, and with more frustration.  This continues to happen day after day.  The owner doesn’t know what to do, so they just continue to do what they’ve always done, and hope that their dog will just figure out what they want eventually.

Keep the leash loose to prevent leash aggression!

What sometimes ends up happening is that the owners teach their dogs leash aggression with other dogs and humans, and they continue to reinforce that behavior every single day as they take their daily walks.  Any dog who gets consistently corrected in a harsh manner while on leash will eventually become aggressive on the leash.  Owners mean well, but they simply don’t realize that they are creating a problem that they really do not want to have!

No dog owner sets out to create an aggressive dog while they’re happily on a walk.  That’s a by-product that happens when an owner has a problem with their dog and doesn’t know how to correct it.  They continue to reinforce the problem behavior, and sometimes create additional problems by simply repeating that incorrect pattern day after day without changing what they’re doing.  That’s just crazy!!

When in doubt….get professional HELP!!

Any time your dog is producing behavior you don’t like, instead of doing the same thing over and over with your dog, stop riding that struggle bus, and get some professional help!  Find a qualified trainer who can help you stop the insanity!!  Just remember that good help comes at a cost.  The cheapest trainer might not be the best trainer, but the most expensive trainer doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re good.  Take your time, interview some folks, call some of their references, and get a good fit for your dog and your family.  We all want our dogs to live as long as they possibly can, so why not enjoy every moment with them that you can get.  You’ll be amazed how quickly things can turn around with the right trainer and method.

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Carefully choose when and where to walk

Rugby James:  Well, I’m sorta the King of Insanity.  I does lotsa wacky patterns what the Mama can’t get stopped. That’s why we doesn’t walk every day, and when we does walk, we go to a cemetery where I won’t see any doggers or Uprights.  I can’t hack much of that kinda stuff, so the Mama sayes that we isn’t gonna do a whole lot of it until I can learn to stay calm or we’ll just make the bad stuff much, much worse. Instead, we is working on udder stuff to help me learn to stay calm so we doesn’t let the naughty leash stuff become a really solid habit what will be very hard to stop.

One fing the Mama knows is how to train stuff in the order what it needs to happen to make sense in my lil dogger brain.  Doing stuff out of order sumtimes doesn’t help get the problem fixed, and all of those fings can really be okay fings to do.  It’s just that a good trainer knows what order to do those fings in, and hopefully, it will all come togedder the right way all at the end!

Always use a release command!

Doggers isn’t mind readers, and Uprights isn’t always very clear about what they want us to do.  I fink that’s kinda crazy if you ask me!  I know when I’m supposed to be working, and I know when I’m done, on account of the Mama tells me a release command what I know means I’m off the clock and not working anymore.  Udderwise, how do I know how long I’m supposed to stay and when it’s okay to get up?

The Mama is really good about keeping fings at home purty much the same for me, and then lil bits of changes on account of that’s really about all that I can manage.  She knows I can’t cope, and so she just doesn’t expect me to behave, on account of I just can’t.  I try really, really hard, but I just can’t do it, and I doesn’t know why.  So she just adjusts what she does to help me work wif her in baby steps what makes it a lot easier for me.  Udderwise, it’s just gonna be plain silly to keep doing stuff I can’t manage!  My life is one big struggle bus, and I’m so glad I gots the Mama what can ride wif me!


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