Sunday Snuggles: A Face Study of Rugby

I don’t normally think of myself as being a terribly good photographer.  All of the photos I’ve taken that have been used in this blog are taken with my Samsung Galaxy phone.  I have no clue how to use an actual camera that requires one to know how to focus or gauge distance accurately….or hold the camera perfectly still!

Sometimes, however, I manage to take a photo that I really, really like, and this is one of those.  As Rugby has aged, his snoot has become more and more gray, and his “ticking” has faded into more subtle shades that are not easily seen.  I just love this photo of him.  It’s such a sweet face study, and you can see how beautifully his colors fade into each other.  I especially like his eyes in this photo.  He often has this expression when he’s just settling down for a nap or waking up from one.  This is a photo I treasure, and I’m still shaking my head that I managed to capture this one of my little speckled dog!

Misc. Rugby 038


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