Saturday Snicker: Piggie Party on the Big Bed

Rugby’s love affair with his special edition polka dottie piggies is legendary!  He has noisy ones and quiet ones, which are simply noisy ones who have lost their ability to grunt.  He generally prefers noisy ones, but on occasion, will grab a quiet one….especially if it happens to be one of his very favorites which has recently become a quiet piggie.  We rarely ever see him without one at home.  One day this past week, when I was ready to join him for his nightly snuggles on the big bed, this is what I found.  He had rounded up every. single. one. of his noisy piggies, and brought them to bed to participate with nighttime snuggles.  I guess he just couldn’t decide which piggie to bring, and didn’t want any of them to be left out!



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