Sunday Snuggles: Rugby and Piggies

Rugby James:  The Mama is still gone for today, so I’m gonna post a favorite photo of me for my Sunday Snuggles. For me, snuggles is sumping what makes me feel safe and secure.  When the Mama is working in her office, I gotsa good spot under her desk for my “Man Cave.”  I tries to keep all of my special stuff under there… lil bed what’s really too small for me, and mostly a good selection of my noisy piggies, sos I can know where they is all the times.  I likesa make sure my piggies gets snuggled good on account of I really want them to feel safe and secure too!

Be sure you make time to snuggle wif sumpawdy what you’re lubbing today.  You may not fink you need it….but I can promise you….they DO!



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