Saturday Snicker: Rugby’s Joke

Rugby James:  The Mama is at a Corgi meet-up today, sos she asked me if I would handle today’s blog post.  Well, of course you know I would do that, on account of I just lubs to have fun and make Uprights smile and giggle.  So today, I fought I would tell you a really good joke what I know.

Free doggers walked into a bar…a Chihuahua, a Golden Retriever and a Beagle.  They walked up to the bar on account of there was this really gorgeous Poodle what was sitting there all by herself.  They all started talking to her on account of she was really purty and they all wanted her to go out on a date wif them.

So the Poodle sayes to the doggers, “I’m gonna give you two words, and whichever one of you can use the words in the best sentence will win a date wif me.  Here’s the words:  Liver and Cheese.”

The Golden Retriever wanted to go first, so he sayed, “I like liver, and I like cheese!”  The Poodle just rolled her eyes at him.

The Beagle asked to go next, and he sayed, “I like liver, but I really love cheese!”  The Poodle coughed a lil bit and looked at the ceiling.  She telled the Chihuahua, “You is really gonna hasta do way better than these two if you wanna win a date wif me!

The Chihuahua just grinned on account of he knew he hadda really good sentence what would knock her socks off! He looked right at the udder two doggers and he sayed, “Liver alone….cheese mine.”


And that’s my Saturday Snicker for you!!  Have a wonderful day, everpawdy!!  Make sure you giggle today!!

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    • Sally says

      RugbyJames: I'm so glad I could give you a snicker for your Saturday, Miss Jan! You're very welcome!! 😀

    • Sally says

      Rugby James: SO glad you liked my joke, Miss Mary Jane!! Weekends should have sum fun in them, so I'm glad I gotted your Saturday off to a silly start!! 😀


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