Saturday Snicker: Be Proud of Yourself!

It always makes me smile when Rugby sleeps!  He often chooses to sleep sunny side up, and often drops his mouth open.  This photo shows off his “Bubba teeth” so very well.  His four bottom teeth were pulled when a tumor was removed from his lower jaw near a canine tooth.  On top?  Welllll….that’s a story!  He actually knocked out two of his upper teeth going after one of his piggies when he was in an aggressive state.  He hit the piggie against the floor hard enough that he lost one tooth, another fell out later when the vet was checking it, and the other loose tooth reattached….but crooked!!  This is who my boy is!  I guess we all get a little beat up in life, but as long as we can chew….and keep on smiling…we get by!  Rugby has always seemed to be happy with who he is….hot mess, Bubba teeth and all!!  Enjoy your smile….courtesy of Rugby James!



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