Have the Right Equipment!

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Thundershirt, Harness, Leash

Mama Sally:  Today’s Training Tip is all about figuring out what equipment works best for your specific dog.  I often hear people being judgmental about someone’s choice to use a collar rather than harness or Gentle Leader.  If Rugby has taught me anything, it’s that we need to not put dogs in a box that says “One Size Fits All.”  Having the right equipment can make all the difference in the world for the results you’ll see with your dog.  It can make training or working with your dog easy or hard.

If I were going to paint my house, I could use any type of brush.  Isn’t a brush a brush?  A toothbrush is going to make the job a whole lot harder, and I’ll bet the job won’t look really good when I finish up.

Two different styles of harnesses

Working with your dog is the same way.  I make recommendations to clients when I’m working with their dogs.  That way, I can help them fit their equipment to their dog, and then show them how to use it correctly to get the results they want.  This is another benefit of working with a professional trainer, because they are well experienced in many types of equipment, and can help you find what will be most helpful with your dog, and teach you how to use it!

Solid brass clasp…tight spring

By and large, I don’t get too fussy about equipment, unless I think it’s dangerous for the owner or dog.  However, I am going to say this:  ALL  equipment is not created equally.  PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE get good quality equipment!  DO NOT buy leashes, collars and harnesses at discount stores!  Remember that once you step outside, the only thing keeping your dog safe is the equipment in your hand and on your dog!  If your equipment fails, you may get a front row seat to a car accident or lost dog.  Really great equipment is worth the small investment.  You’ll keep it for years, and best yet is the peace of mind you’ll have in knowing that your dog is safe every day of his life!

Here’s Rugby’s opinions on equipment!

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Keep them safe!

Rugby James:  Well, since the Mama is letting me tell you what I fink, here’s the deal.  I likesa just be nekked.  I doesn’t like the fuss of leashes and collars and stuff like that.  The Mama has tried to explain fings to me up one side and down the udder, and I much prefer to just be nekked.  No muss….no fuss.

However, I has heared that there is rules for doggers what sayes that all lil doggers gotsa be on a leash.  Pfft.  The Mama is purty firm about it, sos I doesn’t getsa do what I want on this one.  When I was a lil pupper, the Mama tried lotsa different fings to see what worked best for me, so I has had all kindsa stuff.  I has hadda be a regular Guinea Pig until the Mama finded what she liked for me.  Sumtimes she re-visits fings what didn’t work, to see if I do better wif it now that I’m older.

Rubitz holds all dog tags

I’m gonna say that I doesn’t like retractable leashes on account of sumtimes when the Mama has had me out, udder owners has letted their doggers get too close and it’s scary for me.  When anudder dogger is on a six foot leash, the Mama can know how far to keep me away sos I can stay calm.  Retractables go a long way, and all of a sudden….there’s anudder dogger, and I get all freaked out.

Here’s sumping what I fink needsa just be sed to dogger owners.  Even though you gotsa nice dog, a friendly dog what likes udder doggers and Uprights…not all udder Uprights and doggers like your dog!  I get scared from udder doggers if they get too close or when they bark at me and pull to get at me and stuff like that.  I know the Mama feels frustrated when udder owners say, “It’s okay….he’s friendly.”  When they get too close to me, I’M not gonna be friendly, and that’s what the Mama worries about.  If you use the right equipment for your own dogger, you’ll keep your dogger and udders safer too, and that’s being a responsible dogger owner!!  Barrooo!!!



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