Sunday Snuggles: Recliner Snuggles with Daddy

I couldn’t resist this photo as a follow-up from yesterday’s Saturday Snicker in the recliner!  When we had this recliner, this is how Rugby often snuggled with his Daddy.  Michael would be busy on his laptop, and Rugby would sort of stuff himself in wherever he thought he could fit.  He never seems to mind if body parts hang out and hang over.  It’s his face that I love so much in this photo.  It’s his two little chocolate drop eyes, and  the angle of his propped head on the armrest. I love the back paws showing the underside of his little feeties, and the beautiful fringe of his fur.  *sigh*  After all of these years, this little dogger makes me swoon…

St. Pat's Day naps 001


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