Throwback Thursday: Morning Snuggles

When I think back to the early days of life with Rugby. a memory that always really makes me smile, is our early morning snuggle routine.  Rugby slept in his crate, and he and I always got up early…long before the rest of the family did. After he came back inside from going potty, he ate his breakfast.  And then, the magic happened.  I usually settled back on the sofa with a blanket to catch the early morning news, and Rugby would fold himself up, just behind my knees, and chew a Nylabone and snuggle with me.  We did this every single morning, and it felt like such a treat to me, because I’d never really had a dog who wanted to snuggle quite as much as Rugby did.  This is the little face that would peek over my bent knees to just check in when he wanted a break from chewing.  We would often end up napping together, waking up when the rest of the family did.  We still snuggle together, but now it’s at bedtime instead of in the morning.  He’s never lost his desire to be close to me, but now he brings a polka dottie piggie instead of a Nylabone!



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