Sunday Snuggles: Real Dogs Wear Pink

He folds his legs and curls up for naps

When Rugby had to have surgery on his mouth to remove a benign tumor from his lower gum, his vet also removed a very small wart-like growth he had on his shoulder.  Once Rugby discovered the three stitches in his shoulder overnight, he managed to keep licking until he removed them!  Because I didn’t want him to make things worse by continuing to lick his shoulder, I put an old pink pj top on him, and knotted it on his back so that he couldn’t get to the sore place until it had healed.  He wasn’t impressed at all with me or his new shirt, but he absolutely did look plenty cute while he was healing!  And truth be told? He rocked that pink shirt!

He “unmade” my bed for a snuggle and snooze…
After his mouth surgery, he began sleeping with his tongue hanging out, and we see this from him all the time now!



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